Pastor Matthew Hon

Matthew Hon came to Victory in June of 2022 to help build a couples’ class. On May 3, 2023, he was called as the new pastor of Victory Baptist Church.

Pastor Matthew was raised in a pastor’s home, in which he was the oldest of nine children (all of whom are currently serving the Lord).

Pastor Matthew and his wife Susan have eleven children. They are passionate about building godly homes and multi-generation Christians. They have been married for over 20 years.

Jim McClure

Auditorium Bible Class

Dr. Jim McClure is an excellent and well-loved Bible teacher. He pastored for many years in Nebraska and has been at Victory for over thirty years. Many continue to learn and grow under his preaching and teaching.

Bro Jim sends out a digital newsletter once a week containing updates about the church, upcoming Bible lessons, and a thought on a portion of Scripture. You can join that list here.

Charlie McCuiston


Charlie McCuiston is the backbone of Victory Baptist Church. While much of his work is behind the scenes, the results of his dedication and diligence are very noticeable. Among other things, he assists with maintaining the building, overseeing the finances, and aiding the pastor in anything needed.

Terry Smith

Pastor Emeritus

Dr. Terry Smith was called to be the seventh pastor of Victory on September 30, 2012. He had previously ministered in two large churches and was semi-retired, working in a business that helped churches throughout the nation obtain financing for new building projects. In addition to helping Victory regain its status in the community, he led the members of the church to grow spiritually and serve the Lord by helping those in need.

The members flourished under his leadership, and Victory Baptist Church was labeled “the friendliest church in America.”

In May of 2023, Pastor Terry resigned and became Pastor Emeritus.