mission of adult bible classes are to…

benefits of a joining a Bible Class are…

      • Reach People
      • Teach People
      • Minister to People
      • Systematic Bible teaching for specific life stages
      • A place to cultivate meaningful relationships
      • A place to gather for weekly encouragement and fellowship
      • A place to have fun through activities
      • A place to reach others with the Gospel of Jesus Christ

    Adult Bible Class Teachers & Classes

    Dr Jim McClure

    Auditorium Class

    Our adult Auditorium Class provides clear instruction from God’s Word. Dr. McClure presents lessons each week that appeal to adults of all ages as he leads them through both topical and book-of-the-Bible series. He brings Biblical knowledge from previous pastoral experience and an obvious dedication to study of Scripture.

    Pastor Matthew Hon

    Couples’ Class

    The Bible has much to say about building good relationships, raising children, and being successful in business. Pastor and Mrs. Hon have an apparent heart for the reaching the next generation. Both individuals and couples can benefit from these lessons, so all are welcome to join this class.

    Paulo Lefki

    Singles’ Class

    This can be a tricky yet greatly rewarding stage in life. Decisions like choosing a college, a career, or a spouse should be guided by God’s Word and wise counsel. Whether a college-age student or a career-oriented adult, Bro. Paulo takes great care in helping singles navigate through this season with a Biblical worldview in mind.